Hemorrhoids Symptoms

What are Hemorrhoids (or Piles)?

Hemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed blood vessels within the posterior anal region. It can be internal (in the posterior lower rectum) or external (under the skin around the anus). These two types of hemorrhoids may occur simultaneously.Hemorrhoids symptoms Rectal bleeding is usually not painful, all throughout the bowel session. This is an ordinary hemorrhoid symptom. After the bowel movement, the tissue used in wiping the anus may contain red blood. In accordance with the volume, it is quite small. But even a small amount of blood, it can appear like a red tinge on water and can alert the person.

Bleeding is commonly not that serious. However, in a small chance, high amount of blood caused by rectal bleeding can result to anemia.

It’s hard to know the real root cause of a rectal bleeding, so if you are experiencing it, it’s best to consult a licensed medical practitioner and undergo a thorough examination.

Patients may experience one or more hemorrhoid symptoms depending if it’s internal or external.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoids are easily identified as they are usually felt like a lump protruding from the lining of the anus. It’s size, number, and shape may differ from one patient to another.

The size can be uncomfortably large like a walnut, and it can be also as small as the tip of a kidney bean. Some patient may have numerous amount of hemorrhoid while other only have one depending on the result of diagnosis. Hemorrhoids may appear with a round surface, while other have a creased texture.

Hemorrhoids can form outside the anus, thus called External Hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids can be seen and touched as they are visible with their basic characteristic. The other one is the Internal Hemorrhoids. This one are hidden inside the rectum. which can be unnoticed for sometime.

There are certain characteristic that differs between the classification of hemorrhoids.

  • Bright pink/red hemorrhoids can be a prolapsed internal hemorrhoids.
  • Purplish hemorrhoids are usually coagulated hemorrhoids.
  • Green/Brown hemorrhoids are the common external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids symptoms are extremely bothersome for most sufferers as they tend to be very uncomfortable. It renders the patient ill tempered and may easily lose focus.

Hemorrhoids can be so unbearably painful!. Patients tend to search for fast acting medications for stopping the pain as they might be experiencing a tearing feeling in the opening of the anus.

Difficulty on bowel movement is also a noticeable symptom of hemorrhoids as the lump blocks the passageway. Straining too hard on bowel movement tends to add further damage to the hemorrhoids as the stool passes the anus.

Another annoying symptom is the itchiness of the hemorrhoids. You can’t focus to anything because the hemorrhoids keeps itching, and there is the urge to scratch it. Although it gives a temporary ease, it is not recommended to scratch the hemorrhoid as it just produce more irritation. Irritation can be also a symptom of parasitic worms rather than hemorrhoids. In this case, a medical examination is necessary.

Hemorrhoids symptoms can be one or more of the following:

  • Painful bowel movement
  • Itchiness
  • Small bulb flesh on the anus
  • Blood in stool

Hemorrhoids Causes – What causes hemorrhoids?

There are different causes of hemorrhoids, but what really happens is that the blood flow in the veins situated around the rectal area are being pressured, resulting into the veins to swell.

Constipation are usually the main cause of hemorrhoids. Straining the bowel movement will create pressure. Thus, constantly straining may cause inflammation and irritation, putting stress on the blood vessels. Blood may be present on the feces or in the water as pressure disrupt the normal flow in the veins and may be ruptured. In this case, you be obligated to practice healthy methods to avoid constipation. Constipation may be caused by the lack of fiber in diet.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be caused by many reasons. For example, the blood vessels in the rectal area are irritated due to the constant tension. In return, you’ll be hard to work as a result of the sharp rise in hormone levels in the blood vessels. This will result to the inflammation and irritation.

This is a normal part of a pregnancy. It usually disappear after the delivery of the child.

To sum it up, patients who experience one or more of this hemorrhoids causes are more prone to hemorrhoids.

  1. Straining of bowel movement
  2. Constipation, stomach ache, or diarrhea
  3. Prolonged Sitting
  4. Old patients
  5. Having a pregnancy
  6. Patients with pelvic tumor

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